Why Even Bother: An Introduction

Everyone has a story.  I know this for a fact.  We each assume our life is incredibly important and that the trauma we survive is monumental.  It surpasses all those other “typical” stories and we are the elite.  In the past, writing a memoir was original and it spoke to the souls of the wounded who felt completely isolated in their trauma.  Now memoirs are being poured out into the writing world and just like the news the truth is being beaten into mundane nonsense.  We think, “oh another drug addict who sought treatment” or “another survivor of some fatal disease” as we skim the memoir section at the book stores or on our devices.

So I wonder what does trigger us to stop what we are doing and sit down to the truth.  What are people getting sick of reading and what are they ready for now.  We are in a time of post apocalyptic fiction and we have enjoyed the 50 shades of sex.  So what now intrigues the readers?

This is what I will explore here.  Perhaps my own words will linger on these very pages and not mean a thing.  Or perhaps my truth or my version of the truth will satisfy readers.  I can’t say my journey is “special” beyond those who have survived cancer in their early twenties.  I look at Kris Carr, who is defying the odds and living with stage 4 cancer at this very moment.  She took her mission to unleash on the world some form of guidance into clean eating and living in peace.  I did not undergo such a transformation.  It’s been close to 6 years since I’ve been in remission and I am still waiting patiently for an “ah ha” moment of my purpose.  Yet, there is silence in my journey.  I am mundane.  I even had experiences during cancer when I felt an absolute understanding of the world and in minutes of returning to my job and post cancer life; it vanished.

So here we go.  We will see how my truth holds up in the world of many stories.  Will anyone remember the girl with cancer?


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