#thedirtytruth: Trending Now [why do we fixate on health?]

sickdogEver had the stomach bug or a really bad flu and all you can think of is getting better.  At that point when you are hurled over the toilet bowl you would pay millions for an instant relief of the cramps and/or the body aches.  In moments of extreme pain or sickness is when we experience full enlightenment.  We realize that without health we are nothing.  No amount of clothes, cars, or money is going to make us feel better.

However, we constantly tempt our health with everything we do.  When we smoke a cigarette and everyone around you says it will lead to cancer.  It’s easy to dismiss them.  I used to.  My favorite line was that everything causes cancer and I would inhale without any guilt.  We live life with an attitude that diseases and accidents happen to others.  That’s why when things hit close to home it shakes us up.  When someone in your family dies or is diagnosed it rattles your world.  It’s like when we hear of crime in our safe neighborhood.  Everyone always sounds so surprised because nothing like that has ever happened… HERE.

liveWe enjoy watching the news and knowing that we are safe on our sofas while THOSE people on television are suffering.  Then we turn the channel and watch our favorite shows and move on.  Only when it hits us personally do we pay attention.

We need to realize regardless of whether we are living our lives with a terminal illness or healthy we are still heading in one direction.  No one escapes the final act.  Yet, we think that we can dodge it.  We are only prolonging the inevitable.

What will matter to you if you realized that you no longer had your health?  What items on your bucket list will torment you if you didn’t accomplish it?

 “Cowards die many times before their deaths; the valiant never taste of death but once.”

William Shakespeare



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