Fake it to Make it

I was just beginning to write a blog about anger. That is an emotion I feel I have enough knowledge on to share.  However, I stopped blogging and went for a walk. As I was walking I started to think about my day. The conclusion being, I did not even show up today.  I take the phrase “fake it to make it” to a whole other level. I fake life.  Often I wake up late for work… barely any time for me to make my lunch let alone do my hair. I go to work with clothes I did not have to iron and show up. That’s pretty much all I do… is show up.

I can’t stand that I have to devote 40 hours of my life in order to bring home a check. I spend a few hours at home with my son and put him to bed. I do my best to fix up the house before I, too, go to bed. Then I do it all again the very next day. I stumble out of bed way past my alarm going off and grab whatever is wrinkle free. THIS CAN’T BE LIFE!

I can’t just wait for the weekends to actually live. This is so unfair that we bust our asses to only enjoy glimpses of time with our family. We are too tired, too cranky, and just too broke to enjoy the fullness of our lives.
Now I don’t want to continue this blog ranting and complaining about how blah life is… As I sit and write this I am trying to come up with solutions. The truth is grasshopper; we can’t just sit here writing away on our computers and not finding solutions.
Step 1: Save enough money while paying the bills.
Yepp, I like this one. I want to change the mundane and blahs of my day. So if I get a little more responsible I can put money aside and either save it for a really great weekend or an actual vacation. Or in real desperation, buy myself something really nice to ease the discomfort of life.
Step 2: Find time.
I suck at this. I want more time, but when I get more time… the sofa calls out to me and I feel like a drug addict trying to stay sober. Ah, thank god I am not a drug addict because I surrender to the sofa EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I always think to myself, I can do some yoga… some meditation… even read a book. Never happens. So I not only need to find time, but stick to it.
Step 3: Surround oneself with positive driven people.
Nothing is worse than feeling like crap and surrounding yourself with people in the same crap boat. I say, find another boat. I don’t want to talk about the woes of life… I want to be inspired! I can’t always inspire others with my awesome personality. I want to be inspired and lifted up as well.
Step 4: Live life like you’re on an island.
When I take trips to Puerto Rico, people there go to work and LEAVE IT THERE. When they leave work they don’t go straight home to their TV and sofas. No way! You see them outside on their porches or visiting family/friends. They are out there! When I was sitting at the airport one time, a native of Puerto Rico started talking to me. He said, we “Americans are miserable!” Ha, can’t argue with him on that. He said, “we live to work and that’s all we do. We don’t have fun and when we do have fun… we need lots of alcohol.” Well ain’t that the truth.
Step 5: The final and most important one I’m going to try… Get off social media for a week.
Ah, but after I post this blog. But in truth, I need to stop seeing what others are doing and stop feeling the need to connect through Facebook. So I shall go on a Facebook sabbatical for one week. Life is meant for living…. OUTSIDE! So here goes nothing!

Peace, Love, and Healing


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