The Year of No Resolutions

What if instead of a New Years resolution to lose weight we did something entirely different.  What if we didn’t put on that list “be a better friend.”  What if we said, “be a better ME.” 

Since having a baby and turning 30, I shifted.  For a while I was always trying to please everyone else or fear someone being mad at me because of THEIR expectations of me.  But what if for 2016 we all say HELL NO.

What if this year we value ourselves.  How wonderful would that be to only do things that bring you joy and not resentment?

Tips for 2016:
Be Yourself. Be the one with the loud laugh at the party.  Be the one who says the word, fuck.  Be the one who doesn’t mold into the crowd but who stands out.  Just make sure you are being you.

Be courageous. Take a chance on that new job or apply to school!  Tell someone how you have been truly feeling.  Just be courageous because time is fleeting and you only have this one life to make YOU happy.

Be aware of time. Next time, next month, next year.  Time is slow, but fast.  Whatever it is that you have been waiting to acheive, just go for it.

Say No.  People pleasing happens to all of us.  We don’t want to get anyone mad and we want to be involved so we don’t feel left out.  But saying “yes” when your gut and heart are against it will only make others happy and you miserable.

Trust yourself. Let this year be the year you trust your gut.  Listen to that voice telling you what’s right and what’s wrong.  Follow your inner voice… it knows what it’s doing.

Purge yourself of toxic people. Enough with dealing with people who put you down, disrupt your peace of mind, and are just not good for you.  Be surrounded by people who uplift you and value who you are as a person.

These may look like resolutions but they are not.  They are tools to help you be a better YOU.  Life is going full speed ahead and don’t let another day go by being anything less than your fabulous self.


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