To my goal setters and dream catchers

As I sit here, working on my manuscript — I reflect on the journey that is unfolding.

To get to where you want to go in life there are no shortcuts.  Many of you have different goals in mind as you read this blog.  You all have a dream that has lingered in the back of your minds.  So let me be the first to tell you — now is the time.

Develop a road map and time frame: Take out a notebook or scrapbook and begin your plan.  This is your blueprint to your goals. Write down every single step you need to take in order to reach your goal.  Are there applications you must fill out?  A time frame or deadline that must be met?  Are there people to call?  Write it all down and that is your guide to achieving your dreams.

Brand yourself. Believe it or not — you are branding yourself everyday on social media.  Your profile picture, posts, and things you share are all your brand.  Some people brand themselves negatively and others positively.  So choose how you want to brand yourself and be consistent.  If your goal is to be a CEO of a company or start up — a raunchy profile pic is not appropriate.  People recommend to dress for the job you want not the job you have — the same is true of your brand.

Network.  Attend conferences that pertain to your goal.  Socialize with others who have gone through your journey if they are willing to speak with you.  It takes sacrifice and time to get yourself known — get out there.

Maintain a positive circle.  This is your support team — the people who will pick you up when rejection happens.  The people who will give you honest opinions and root for you.  Make sure you have a healthy circle of family and friends.  However, the nae sayers and doubters — use them to motivate you.

Do not envy, but admire.  The people who have made it to the top have all been in your shoes, my shoes.  They have started from the very bottom and had only a dream.  Never envy others because you truly don’t know what they have endured and what they continue to endure.

Believe in yourself or no one else will.  Finally, if you don’t believe in the brand — no one will either.  Believe in your brand and you are already a winner.









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