Is it really too late for you?


A common statement I catch myself making is – it’s too late for me. Whenever I discuss a goal and get fully invested in the possibilities of what could be – I mutter to myself, “it’s too late for me.” Now just to give you a reference I am thirty years old and depending on who you ask, I am young or old.  Regardless, that little voice continues to pop into my head ready to shove me off the road.

Then it happened — one day I asked myself, why? Why was it too late to do something I’ve always wanted to do? I’m sure many of you have felt this way too.
So why did I constantly think it was too late? Because media and society are always screaming at you that IT’S TOO LATE! They show people young and vital living the life of royalty and successful young faces flood our screens. Not to mention, our own voices of self-deflation and fear of failure.
We work our same comfortable jobs that provide us with our same comfortable salaries. We remember our dreams of becoming astronauts or creating a business – we sigh and push it to the back of our minds. That idea we wrote down on that scrap piece of paper one night was thrown into the garbage years ago. We have settled.
Well, like I told myself and I will now tell you… we need to stop settling for the basic version of our lives and upgrade to premium! We need to finally invest in ourselves and our dreams. There is no time like the present to create an action plan. This can apply to traveling the world, buying that first home or starting a business!
I use to spend time “talking” about what I wanted to do. Talking, talking and more talking. But guess what? — I never actually did a single thing to set the wheels in motion. It was safe to just talk about it. My wheels are finally in motion and it is NOT TOO LATE! I don’t care how old you are, it’s about time you did something for YOU. Let’s stop putting things off until the kids graduate, when the “money” looks right or when you “yadda yadda yadda” fill in the blanks. The universe will not align for you unless you start to take steps.
So I hope you write down a new goal on a new piece of paper and this time GO FOR IT. Don’t let your LIFE end up in the garbage.

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Love, peace, and healing, xo!


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