Endure the Impossible and Realize it’s Possible



I thought I did, turns out I got smacked in the face with reality and the true meaning of endurance. Today I went back to yoga — while I unrolled my mat I couldn’t believe how long its been since taking a class. I tried to think back and I came up with almost two years.  It has been a WHOLE two years.  WTF?

Class began and I did my downward dogs, cobras, and wheel.  My body remembered the poses, but keeping up with the class started to become a struggle.  My arms began to shake and thoughts of stopping crept into my mind.  I wanted to stop, roll up my mat and walk out of the classroom while I could still breathe.

But I continued through ignoring every tight and shaky muscle.  I prayed that we would go into child’s pose and my personal fan favorite — CORPSE!  When the class ended,  I allowed myself to lay there.  I did it — I endured the impossible and it was POSSIBLE.

So… how does this apply to everyday life? We all need endurance to get through whatever it is that challenges us in our lives.  We need endurance to stay up late working on college essays or finishing our novels.  We need endurance to start a company and push through many closed doors.  What else do we need it for?  The gym, marathons, cross-fit, yoga and other physical activities. BASICALLY WE ALL NEED ENDURANCE!

You see, we are all motivated; however, it’s our lack of endurance to follow through that causes us to stumble and sometimes stop.  So my tip to you is this: lets practice endurance today, for a week and if you’re brave — practice for a month.  Endure the impossible and sweat out your self- doubt.  When you’re staying up late working on a project remember this — no goal was EVER achieved by sitting on a sofa.  Those that we admire PUSHED THROUGH and finished what they started.


So I hope you push through and endure, my fellow warriors.  Be a fierce and devoted warrior today.

Love, peace, and healing, xo!

P.s. I love catching you on here, but I would love to follow you on Instagram.  I am a devoted follower (not a ghostly little thing) I follow back and like all posts unless it’s completely bitter or inappropriate.

My IG is MONICAYMATEO_THEMEMOIRIST and if Twitter is your thing @monicaymateo

I welcome you into my journey and life.




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