The Bad Buddhist

I am one hell of a bad Buddhist! There — I said it.  Often I hear, “WELL THAT’S NOT VERY BUDDHIST OF YOU,” which made me wonder about what it takes to be a good little Buddhist and why people think I break the rules?

So what makes me a bad Buddhist? Read on:


Yes, things annoy me no matter how much I try to meditate on it. For instance, traffic, waiting on long lines, and dirty dishes annoy me. I’ve never met anyone who became enlightened doing a pile of dishes, but hey, you never know!


Oh yeah.  I get angry when I hold the door for someone and they walk out without even acknowledging me.  I get angry when I see injustice in the media. Buddhism teaches that anger is an addiction and perhaps I need rehab.


I’m sometimes jealous or envious of people when I start to compare myself to others.  I’m so grateful for my life, but I get jealous of those who will never know some of things I’ve endured.  Buddhism and life in general teaches us to value our own lives.  Trust me, I do.


The number one biggie in Buddhism is non-attachment.  Well let me be the first to say I am attached.  I am attached to my family and sometimes I get attached to things.  It’s something I have to work on, but I’m not sure true non-attachment can ever be attained.


Meditation every day is not easy for me.  I love watching Golden Girls (yeah, I know), reading a book, or doing my thing on social media.  Frankly, I can make so many excuses, but in the end — I know it’s me.



This makes up who I am and who knows maybe I will spruce up my inner well being.  Self-improvement is something we do everyday of our lives.  Being a Buddhist doesn’t equate with being perfect.  I am human.  I feel emotions and have to deal with them like every single person here.

So I leave you with this last point:  Don’t worry!  You can’t be a perfect [insert your label here] all of the time!  WE ARE FREAKING HUMAN BEINGS! All you can do is be the best version of yourself each day.

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Love, peace, and healing, xo!








One thought on “The Bad Buddhist

  1. I am not a good Christian… Why?

    Because my church says I have to submit to my husband.
    To the church I say: God gave me a brain to think and be intelligent. He gave me a body to move and discover. He gave me will to take initiative and be independent. He gave me life to live it the way I please.

    So yeah! I am a bad Christian because I believe God gave me so much to be free and independent. I don’t ever recall God saying or showing me a path of submission.

    No one is perfect at anything, specially when it comes to faith.

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