Be the Rhino and Charge Forward!

As I entered my co-workers office, I noticed numerous statues of rhino’s lined up on the shelves along with a large picture on the wall. As the meeting progressed, my co-worker, discussed his fascination with rhino’s.  To my surprise, I discovered how much I was a fierce rhino already.

Here is what he explained to me and I will gladly share with all of you:

Rhino’s are born with thin skin unsuitable for their environment.  They often get pricked with thorn bushes until their skin thickens and no thorn could penetrate.  They also have tunnel vision, which allows them to always move forward.  If an obstacle is in their way, they move backwards and charge forward.  They do this until the obstacle is no longer in their way.  They do not go around or find a new way — they run right through it.


So how do you become the rhino?  

  1. Develop thick skin.  He said that when he was growing up, the peer pressure was like the thorn bushes.  He needed to develop thick skin in order to withstand the harshness of his environment.  So my advice to you is, remove the thorn that holds you back.  Don’t let your environment, negative friends/family, or even your own self-doubt keep you from achieving your goals.
  2. Sometimes you need tunnel vision. No matter what you should always move forward.  We need to block out the noise and run through our obstacles.  I’m sure you’ve faced many at this point in your life.  We all have, however, the difference is to never let it stop you from achieving your goals.  Push past the people saying, “You can’t,” or “Sorry, we found another candidate for the position,” etc.  We are stronger than the doors that close.
  3. Be fierce.  I say this constantly and love sharing it with all of you.  Don’t be timid, withdrawn, quiet, or passive.  You have a voice, an opinion, values, and most importantly, YOU TAKE UP SPACE IN THIS WORLD.  Own that power and use it!

In the comments, I want you to answer this question:  HOW ARE YOU A RHINO IN YOUR LIFE? 

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Love, peace, and healing, xo!



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