Why I’ve decided to be selfish and why you should too!

Society is a fickle game — we are molded into believing that taking care of ourselves and putting our needs in front of others are selfish acts. The term “selfish” has been turned into a negative term by outsiders looking in on your life. For instance, I’ve heard people say, “Oh, look at that mom at the gym when she should be home with her kids” or “She should be home cooking and cleaning, not training for a marathon.”

Whenever we are enjoying our lives and creating a positive change, people will immediately jump on the “selfish wagon.” That’s when I decided being selfish and selfless has nothing to do with us, but our inner pressure to appear noble to outsiders.

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How to enjoy being selfish:

  1. Set a positive intention in the morning for yourself.  Wake up and decide on one thing that will benefit just YOU!
  2. Do something that you enjoy DESPITE being a parent, student, employee, friend, sibling, spouse, etc.  You are still an individual who deserves to nurture yourself.
  3. Find something that only resonates with you.  We tend to be cheerleaders for everyone else’s passion. We need to start being cheerleaders for ourselves.
  4. Feel utterly and madly comfortable putting yourself first. An acquaintance of mine has a husband who goes to the gym, travels with the guys, and has no issue going shopping for himself. His wife stays home to take care of the kids and has never done anything for herself. You will never get a medal for always saying ‘yes’ while others go out and live life.  Speak up and create balance in order to provide everyone with an opportunity to have free time.
  5. Ignore the negative comments. People will judge you for your “selfish” actions and there is a simple reason for it. They assume that being selfless looks appealing to others.  However, inside they are in admiration for your dedication for yourself.
  6. Keep this mantra in mind when you start to feel guilt — YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY.


Peace, love, and healing, xo!

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