Why I will NEVER tell you how to raise YOUR child/ren

Ah, this topic has been looming over my head for quite some time. I typically steer clear of controversial topics that involve politics, children, or anything that would cause someone to raise an eyebrow.

However, Facebook and social media in general have allowed people to shame others on an array of issues. Instead of coming together as a community, we are using social media as a platform to indirectly criticize others who have a different point of view.

So here is why I will never tell you how to raise your child/ren:

  1. I will never judge you or make you feel inadequate for the decisions you make regarding your own child. You are the parent and that grants you the right to make tough decisions that YOU feel will benefit your child.
  2. I will never shame you on social media by posting a picture of something that will make you feel like a piss poor parent. IF YOU ARE MAKING A ‘DECISION’ DON’T MAKE IT A MORAL OBLIGATION TO CRITICIZE OTHERS.
  3. I will never roll my eyes if you take out your breast to feed your child. I don’t care if your whole boob is out, semi covered, or completely wrapped. As long as you’re happy and your little person is enjoying that meal. No need to hide in a dirty stall of a bathroom to feed your beautiful little human.
  4. I will not compare your child to mine academically. Parents can be quite competitive when it comes to their child’s smarts. Hey listen, cudos if your child is a wiz, but I will never compare our children. Our children have enough pressure and thanks to social media –parents feel it even more.
  5. If you’re a Pinterest mom — awesome. If you’re a mom who just wants to get through the day without losing your shit — awesome.
  6. If you only want one child or a small little tribe to call your own — I wish you so much love. People tend to think they have a say about that type of decision. They may say,”Oh, little bobby will be lonely if it’s just him,” “Well, you have two boys, maybe a girl next?” “Three children, oh my, that’s too much!”
  7. Lastly parents remember, I will not judge you. I will not judge you. I will not judge you.
Because last year I became a mom and nothing else mattered. No comparison, no judgement — only love. 

Now let’s stop shaming, mommies and guardians of all types. When we decided to have children, we made a decision to bring into this world a person. An individual human being who will hopefully do great things and sometimes be little assholes. I love being a parent, but it’s also one hell of a stressful ride. It’s magical and daunting all in one. So why make it harder on other parents by criticizing them for their decisions and beliefs.

Be kind mommies and don’t blatantly try to put down one another. Be supportive because the world is hard enough without us attacking one another. As long as you LOVE your child/ren that is all that matters.

Love, peace, and healing, xo!

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