10 Signs You Need a Social Media Sabbatical 


10 Sign You Need a Social Media Sabbatical

by Monica Y Mateo

Social media is great, you can connect to thousands of people in seconds. You can share your thoughts, photos, and ideologies. It’s a space filled with a deep wealth of knowledge at the touch of your finger.

But what happens when that great thing turns into your worst enemy? What happens when you log in and your happy energy turns negative because of the information on your news feed?


Here are 10 Signs YOU Need a Social Media Sabbatical:

1. You are no longer living in the moment. You are constantly thinking of things to post, places to check into, and what light would be perfect for a selfie. You no longer take a walk without your phone directly in front of you. You often look down instead of at people, places and things. You are missing out on real moments because your mind is always logged in to a safer social world.

2. You often feel angry when you read post. You just got your morning cup of joe and are cozy in your pajamas. You grab your cell and as you click open your social media, there it is — a post that enrages you. Your positive energy is no longer radiant and you’re filled with anger. You either block, unfriend, or write some witty comeback before slamming your cell down. Your aura and beautiful spirit are now replaced with hatred and disdain. 2016 has been filled with hatred and diversity in many areas causing an extreme rise in segregation.

3. You feel depressed when you compare yourself to others. Whether it’s someone traveling to another country (again). Pregnancy when you’re struggling to conceive, a friend getting the job you want, or people having a great time while you munch on chips on your sofa. Sometimes social media can make us feel left out of the fun or make us feel like we are doing things all wrong.

4. You find yourself inauthentic when you post in order to appear happier. You post about how much of a great parent you are and fill your social media with nonstop pics of your kids. You want the world to know your always thinking about them. You constantly validate your spouse or partner on social media in order to prove your love. You post nonstop information on how happy and great your life is, regardless of the truth.

5. You spend hours on your social media. You check your social media more than you check your bank accounts. You spend more time mindlessly scrolling through useless information instead of reading a book or spending time with your family. 👪

6. You use social media during uncomfortable situations. Instead of allowing yourself to feel uncomfortable at a dinner party or waiting on line, you immediately jump on your phone. Instead of allowing yourself to feel bored, you’ll rather go to your safe place — social media.

7. The world knows your daily routine. If you are posting personal information about you or a family member it’s time to log off. Family pictures should not include your sick child in a hospital or granny in her nightgown. Some moments no matter how desperate you want to share it, are only meant for intimate family.

8. You wait for likes. Endorphin’s, the feel good chemical in the brain, are released with the use of social media. Our endorphin’s spike when we see likes on our notifications. We feel special when we get a large amount of likes, almost like getting our fix. We need to realize that we are conditioning our minds to become happy when we receive artificial validation from an artificial world. A compliment from someone real doesn’t compare to a photo getting 100 likes.

9. You know you want to log off, but can’t. You know it’s addicting and you know it gets you frustrated, but it’s like a train wreck that you can’t look away from. You NEED to see what is happening. You NEED to log on.

10. You lost sight of the real world by believing the false articles, memes, and misinformation that is circulating on the internet. You heard of the expression, “if its on the internet, it must be true!” You’re intelligent individuals being swept up in a tidal wave of lies. Anyone can create an inaccurate meme that plays on your emotions causing you to share it on your feed. The information isn’t checked for validity and you’re promoting the spread of someone else’s agenda. We are living in an age where the media will say almost ANYTHING to get a boost in popularity and sales.

The solution: A Sabbatical Cleanse, similar to taking a lax because it’s time to remove the clogged and blocked crap from our minds and bodies.

  1. Unfriend or unfollow anyone who doesn’t promote peace and health. If this person is constantly negative or full of misinformation causing you to react, let them go.
  2. Log off all phone apps for 7 days. Log off and take inventory of how many times you click the app.
  3. Allow yourself to do other things with your idle time and see where your mind and thoughts take you.
  4. Don’t spread information on your social media page if you DO NOT KNOW ITS ACCURACY.
  5. Think before you post — if it doesn’t help promote a better world, don’t share it.
  6. Be mindful of the privacy of others. Don’t post on behalf of your children — some pictures should be private and only for the albums.
  7. Make real memories that can last a lifetime in your mind, not your news feed.
  8. Look at people when you are with them at gatherings. Put your phone down and engage with your surroundings.
  9. Be mindful that your children are watching you zone out on your phone.
  10. Be productive in real life, social media is a real distraction from the things we should be doing, but instead we lay on the sofa while mindlessly scrolling. LOG OFF and BE PRODUCTIVE.

Love, peace, and healing, xo!

Abmonicaymateo.shootout the author: 

Monica Y. Mateo is a licensed social worker by day and writer/blogger by night. She is currently working on a memoir to be published and a special project for vegans and meat eaters alike. She is a 7 year survivor of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma ALK+, which taught her that people can change unhealthy patterns and behaviors. She enjoys yoga and practices Buddhism, which has taken her on an adventure of a lifetime. She has a wonderful fiance and son who have inspired her to achieve her goals.

Disclaimer: MONICAYMATEO.COM is not providing medical advice and this information is not in place of medical advice.


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