Monica Y. Mateo was twenty-three years old when she was diagnosed with Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma ALK+. She underwent rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, which empowered her to be the warrior she is today. During her cancer journey — she discovered her true self and knew she was going to embark on a wild voyage.  

She decided to go back to school where she completed her Masters of Social Work. She has worked with a diverse population– such as victims of domestic violence, incarcerated males, mental health consumers and at-risk youth.  

She is currently a Licensed Social Worker and the author of The Cancer Warrior, which will is available on She is a practicing Buddhist, mom, fiance, yoga lover, and vegan.  

She is the CEO/OWNER/FOUNDER of Bodhi Bookstore *Where Great Books are Reborn. The online bookstore launches 9.9.17. 

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She is also the founder of The Chic Warriors Movement, a chic way to handle the chaos of life. It is a way to overcome hardship and trauma like a true warrior. It is understanding that life can be challenging , but with the right attitude — can be magnificent. It is the journey to health and healing, xo! 


Last Chemotherapy treatment and Remission 2009!